BEWARE OF IMITATIONS (Pacific HEMP sold on Amazon)

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We received a phone call from a gentleman the other day with questions about Pacific CBD Co oil. He had not purchased from Paradise Valley Products before, but I graciously answered his questions. He explained that his wife suffered from anxiety and dementia and had used the Snacks (250mg rebranded into Pacific CBD Co 250mg CBD Drops) and could no longer locate the product. After explaining the rebranding, he told me he had just purchased 500mg on Amazon for a much lower price. As I was talking to him, I of course, IMMEDIATELY looked on Amazon for our product. The Pacific HEMP Co products are on Amazon, but have no mention of CBD in the ingredients list. Paradise Valley Products in NO way is affiliated with Pacific HEMP Co.

We have noticed there are many companies hiding behind the hemp label on Amazon. It is against Amazon’s policies to sell CBD oil. Ask yourself this before purchasing what you believe is CBD oil…if a money hungry company will hide behind the HEMP label to generate sales on Amazon, what type of product are they truly selling? Does it contain CBD? Why is the product selling for a deep discounted price (most likely does NOT contain CBD). Is there lab testing on Amazon verifying contents (the answer to that is NO – Amazon will NOT allow CBD oil).

For authentic Pacific CBD Co products, trust Paradise Valley Products. We want your CBD journey to be a happy, healthy and positive journey….not one filled with scams and misleading information.

Amazon Hemp Oil vs. True Pacific CBD Oil - Paradise Valley Products

Buyer beware!Beware of Buying CBD on Amazon - Paradise Valley Products blog postAmazon has placed a disclaimer at the bottom of the product page, like the one below, where these hemp seed oils are being sold that relinquish Amazon from any responsibility for false medical claims that are made, and in the process, are duping their customers by allowing the sellers on Amazon to sell a product using deceptive advertising practices.

Amazon does not allow sellers to sell hemp oil with CBD in it. Any seller making a medical claim that it helps/supports/reduces/relieves anxiety, sleep or any other ailment should be banned from Amazon as they’re making a medical claim that is completely false using deceptive advertising.

The fact that there is so much confusion around CBD oil and hemp oil, cannabis oil, there are fake reviews on Amazon stating that hemp oil is, in fact, CBD oil when in fact it is not.

And to add to the confusion, fake reviewers making these claims that hemp seed oil has helped their anxiety or sleep, or many other ailments, a potential customer reads these fake reviews, it makes it that much more difficult to discern what is real or not.

Amazon customers are buying essentially snake oil, and then to make it worse, the sellers offer a free bottle if the customer buys and leaves a positive review on Amazon, basically a kickback, which fools potential buyers into believing the reviews are legitimate when they are not.

To that, the hemp oil that they are selling doesn’t clearly state in the product description that it is made from hemp SEED oil, which is similar to olive oil; they’re basically selling cooking oil for up to $99.99 for one ounce!

The price isn’t the issue. Rather, it’s the medical claims and deceptive advertising practices that these sellers are duping customer into believing hemp oil has medicinal properties, when in fact, it does not.