Can you read the COA (Certificate of Analysis) for CBD?

Paradise Valley Products - Can you read the COA (Certificate of Analysis) for CBD? Blog

Before you buy CBD, whether you are purchasing online or at a smoke shop or a dispensary, are you requesting lab test results or Certificate of Analysis? If not, you should. It seems everyone has jumped on the CBD bandwagon, but do you REALLY know what is in the CBD you are purchasing? Are the lab results from a reputable, third party lab or just some fancy numbers on company letterhead and signed by a the CBD company’s head honcho.

The COA or testing will show exactly how many milligrams of CBD are in the product along with a THC ratio. There may also be a terpene testing done. 

Get to know your retailer – if they are hesitant to give up a test or analysis, you should look elsewhere.

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