Pacific CBD Co CBD Oil and Lotion for Treating Acne

Pacific CBD Co CBD Oil Works Wonders on Acne - Paradise Valley Products

Cannabidiol, well known for its ability to calm epileptic seizures, target inflammation and soothe anxiety, may also help reduce the visible signs and irritation of acne. Although some may believe that acne just afflicts teenagers, it is a noticeable and sometimes painful irritation carried well into adulthood.

Up to 50 million Americans dealt with acne in the past year. It is the second-most common skin condition, but its effects are much more than just skin deep for many people. Any teenager will tell you that acne flare-ups damage self-image and cause depression and anxiety. These issues carry into adulthood.

The world is on a quest for an effective acne treatment; could Pacific CBD Co CBD oil for acne be the answer?

Cannabidiol helps reduce the appearance and recurrence of acne because of the oil’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. But CBD oil has many other beneficial characteristics. A handful of important studies are exploring CBD use against acne. All research thus far shows positive results. These findings suggest that beyond CBD’s anti-inflammatory powers, it could treat acne through many other pathways.

One key component of CBD’s acne-fighting power is its activation of the endocannabinoid system. In particular, CBD is a reuptake inhibitor of the endocannabinoid, anandamide. Anandamide is a little-known neurological transmitter that regulates all cell growth, including differentiation and death. If it's not perfectly balanced, it is detrimental to skin health.

Pacific CBD Co CBD Oil for Treating Acne - Paradise Valley Products

There are other natural ways to help reduce the visible signs of acne, especially in combination with CBD topical ointments. Dermatologists always suggest washing the face with clean water in the morning and at night. Many also suggest moving away from commonly used skin-care products marketed as acne treatments.

Laying on exfoliants, cleansers and toners often just irritates sensitive skin, covering up the underlying issue. Another way to reduce the appearance of acne is to move away from a high-sugar, high-fat diet. Focusing on fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grains has proven miraculous for some people’s acne.

The war on acne may finally have found a safe, chemical-free solution in plant-based CBD. A member of the online forum declared, “I personally can say CBD has greatly helped my acne and just complexion as a whole. About every 3 months I run out and think ‘eh maybe I’m good now,’ but then 2 days later I start to see my skin going back to its old ways.” Other members have also discovered the effectiveness of CBD for their own struggles with acne.

Unlike harsh pharmaceuticals, Pacific CBD Co products have an extremely low risk of side effects, especially low when applied topically. While the world waits for full regulatory approval of CBD for acne treatment, many people have already gone ahead to discover the benefits of topical CBD salves. Perhaps the use of CBD for acne is not well-known because it is often outshined by CBD’s other medicinal applications, but with a little digging, the evidence is out there.

Using Pacific CBD Co CBD Oil orally in conjunction with Pacific CBD Co Facial Moisturizer may just be your answer for combating acne!