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Pacific CBD Co Oil Handcrafted Cocktails (Be still my heart!)

29 Jan 2019

Paradise Valley Products Pacific CBD Co Infused Cocktails Blog
Who doesn’t love a delicious handcrafted cocktail? How about a Pacific CBD Co oil infused cocktail? Below are three tried and true recipes (yes, we tried them all). We have taken the three Pacific CBD Co oil flavors and infused them into delicious cocktails that will make you the hit of any party (even if it’s just a party of one). You can easily leave out the booze for a fabulous mock-tail. So bring on the party with Pacific CBD Co oil handcrafted cocktails!

Moscow Mule


Paradise Valley Products Pacific CBD Co Moscow Mule


Bring this classic 1950’s cocktail into 2019 with the addition of Pacific CBD Co Peppermint flavor CBD oil. A copper mug is always great, but we’re not picky – any glass will do.
    - Fill a copper mug or Collins glass with crushed ice

    - Pour 1 oz vodka and ½ oz fresh squeezed lime juice over the ice
    - Fill with ginger beer
    - Add a splash of Pacific CBD Co Oil Peppermint Drops
    - Stir and garnish with lime slice and mint sprig

    If you are not a vodka fan you can substitute bourbon – a little nod to Kentucky. (Obviously called a Kentucky Mule) Sit back, sip and enjoy!


    Paradise Valley Products Pacific CBD Co MangoRita

    Nothing says party like a little tequila! This refreshing take on the classic Margarita will not only quench your thirst, but you get the added bonus of Pacific CBD Co Oil in Mango flavor!

      - 1 cup crushed ice
      - ½ cup tequila
      - 1 ripe mango chopped (or 1 cup frozen mango)
      - 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice (reserve ½ of the lime to   moisten glasses)
      - 1 dropper Pacific CBD Co Oil in Mango flavor
      - Coarse salt to rim glasses

      Place all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Rim glasses with coarse salt (spice in up a bit by adding a little chile powder to the salt). Garnish with mango spiral or lime slice. Makes 2 generous MangoRitas.

      Not only will everyone want to be your best friend, but with the addition of the Pacific CBD Co Oil, your heart, bones and digestive system will say thank you!

      Strawberry CBDaquiris

       Paradise Valley Products Pacific CBD Strawberry CBDaquiris

      Weird and wonderful fact. Louisiana has drive thru daiquiri stands. My opinion, there is nothing better than a slushie, sweet frozen daiquiri on a hot summer day. Here is a Pacific CBD Co infused daiquiri recipe that will leave you wanting more.

        - 6 cups crushed ice
        - ¼ cup superfine sugar
        - 4 oz fresh or frozen strawberries
        - 1/8 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
        - ½ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
        - ¾ cup rum (or more)
        - ¼ cup Mountain Dew (it’s a Southern thing)
        - 1 full dropper Pacific CBD Co Oil in Strawberry

        Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and garnish with sliced strawberry. Best served on a hot summer day, porch sitting and watching the world go by.

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