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Traveling with Pacific CBD Co Products

20 Nov 2018

Paradise Valley Products Traveling with Pacific CBD Co Products Blog

With the holiday season in full swing a report from AAA predicts the 2018 holiday season to be the in air travel since 2005. Paradise Valley Products wants you to be safe and get through the TSA lines quickly without having needless issues with your Pacific CBD Co product(s).

For those who struggle with anxiety due to travel, whether it is planes or cruise liners, Pacific CBD Co CBD Drops might be the perfect product for you. With there being so many laws in place when it comes to traveling, especially flying, it can be confusing to understand what is and what isn’t allowed. Here is everything you need to know about traveling with Pacific CBD.

Pacific CBD Co oil can help fight anxiety. Aviophobia, the fear of flying, is perhaps the most prolific case of anxious behavior during flight. With being thousands of feet up in the air, traveling at hundreds of miles per hour, all while not having any control of the plane itself, it’s no surprise this is a widespread issue.  

Paradise Valley Products Traveling with Pacific CBD Co Oil Blog

The National Institute of Mental Health Association has previously stated that 6.5% of the U.S’s population suffers from some sort of aviophobia. While this might seem like a small number, it represents more than 21 million Americans. 

Even if you don’t get anxious when you fly or travel Pacific CBD can still be a great carry-on. Whether you are just looking to relax, or take a nap on a long flight without taking a prescription drug, the usefulness of Pacific CBD Co products cannot be overstated.

Keeping your skin hydrated during air travel is a must. Pacific CBD Co Face and Body Lotion is a great way to achieve skin hydration.

To discuss the travel laws around CBD, we first need to discuss the laws pertaining to THC. Marijuana, even though it is legal in multiple states, is never allowed on planes. This is due to the TSA acting within federal guidelines, not ones written by each state. 

So how does CBD compare to THC when it comes to traveling? 

CBD derived from hemp is exempt, given the amount of THC content found within it is 0.3% or less. Both the DEA and FDA do not consider CBD with this chemical makeup to be harmful to passengers to travel with.  

Pacific CBD Co products are all 100% derived from hemp, meaning you will not need to worry about this as our products contain ZERO, zilch, nada THC. You can find out Certificates of Analysis verifying the THC content on our website. 

If you are planning on bringing Pacific CBD Co tincture as a carry-on, remember that all liquids must be under 3.4 ounces in volume. With this in mind, we can conclude that our tinctures can be taken as a carry-on.

Paradise Valley Products Traveling with Pacific CBD Co Oil Blog

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