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What is the Best Way to take Pacific CBD Co Oil (Tincture)?

08 Mar 2019

If you are new to Pacific CBD Co products or trying to get the most out of your CBD, you are most likely curious as to the best way to get Pacific CBD Co products into your body.

Bioavailability of CBD?

If you have been researching CBD, you may have noticed that there are many variations on how to get Pacific CBD Co oil in or on your body. Some of the options are: you can vape it (Vaportech + Pacific CBD Co Vape E-liquid), rub it on topically (Pacific CBD Co Joint & Muscle Rub and Pacific CBD Co Face & Body Lotion), eat it (delicious NEW Pacific CBD Co Gummies) or sublingually (Pacific CBD Co Oil). With all of these options, it can be confusing. So what is bioavailability? It is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. So with that being said, the bioavailability of CBD varies based on the consumption method.

Which method do we suggest for Pacific CBD Co Oil?

Glad you asked! We suggest taking Pacific CBD Co Oil or tincture sublingually. Sublingual means to apply or place Pacific CBD Co drops under the tongue. There is a pair of small salivary glands beneath the tongue and the Pacific CBD Co oil gets diffused into the bloodstream through this tissue. By holding the Pacific CBD Co oil under your tongue for 60-90 seconds, it allows the most active ingredients in Pacific CBD Co oil to be taken by the capillaries in your mouth. Any leftover oil you have in your mouth, you can swallow and the leftover compounds will be absorbed through blood vessels in the digestive tract.

Three main benefits to placing the Pacific CBD Co oil under the tongue:

  • Fast absorption – this bypasses the entire digestive tract and gets right into the bloodstream where it is needed.
  • Greater absorption – it doesn’t have to go through the digestive tract and won’t be broken down by the liver.
  • Ease – It is very easy to take it this way, especially if you don’t like to take pills.  It only takes a few seconds to place the drops under your tongue and go about your day.

Paradise Valley Products Pacific CBD Methods On Taking CBD Blog

 At Paradise Valley Products, we have many clients who suffer from moderate to severe arthritis pain. Many have found relief by taking the Pacific CBD Co oil sublingually and also rubbing a few drops on the aching joints and applying Pacific CBD Co Joint and Muscle Rub OVER the oil.

This method of applying Pacific CBD Co oil directly to the body also works wonders for migraines. Applying a few drops to the temples can help stop the migraine in its tracks. We have a client who suffers from ocular migraines and swears by this method.

Have you taken your Pacific CBD Co products today?

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