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What to Look for in CBD Products

20 Aug 2019

What to look for when buying CBD Paradise Valley Products Blog

With SO many CBD products on the market, it is difficult to discern what you are purchasing or if the products contain CBD! Let’s sort out some of the confusion.

Label Lingo: Make sure the actual letters CBD are on the label or the word Cannabidiol. (Pacific CBD Co products will always contain these words)

Hemp Source: Look for hemp from in the USA or Europe that is organic, pesticide free and non-GMO which verifies the hemp is not grown with or near dangerous chemicals. (Pacific CBD is sourced from Switzerland and we can check off all the boxes!)

Extraction Method: Please make sure you are avoiding toxic chemicals. Some extraction methods involve the use of solvents! If you are unsure about the extraction method, ask your retailer. If they can’t answer, do not purchase!  Pacific CBD Co uses the CO2 extraction method using carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to preserve, isolate, and maintain the purity of CBD. This process requires expensive equipment and a steep operational learning curve. But, when done well the end product is potent, safe, and free of chlorophyll. Supercritical cold CO2 extraction is the gold standard in extraction methods. Supercritical CO2 produces a more complete extraction. Cold separation is important because it maintains CBD and does not decarboxylate extracted oils in the process. Heat degrades botanical oils and can extract plant material, like chlorophyll, giving raw oils their green color.

Pacific CBD Co uses the CO2 extraction method that results in the purest botanical extract available. This is what produces that potent, powerful Pacific CBD oil we all know and love!

Potency: You want to be able to understand clearly the amount of milligrams of CBD in your product. It should be clearly stated on the label. The amount of milligrams of CBD in the product is the TOTAL in the entire product, not per dosage or serving. Pacific CBD Co products will always state the milligrams (mg) of CBD in the product you are purchasing.

Third Party Testing: We can’t stress enough the importance of clear and concise THIRD PARTY testing by a trackable, reputable facility. Third party testing can verify the amount of active CBD and other cannabinoids in a product as well as the purity of them (ie: free from residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria). Many brands post this information on their website or will happily provide you with the test results. If not….run.

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