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2019 New Year’s Resolution Goals

21 Jan 2019
Paradise Valley Products CBD 2019 New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, many that we are unable to keep due to lofty goals of losing weight, getting healthy, quit smoking, stop drinking, etc. This year let’s all resolve to be our best. Be a little kinder, smile more, practice those random acts of kindness (even if it’s just letting a car in front of you on the freeway). Being your best makes you feel better and keeps endorphins pumping. And it does feel good!

BUT…if you are one that has made resolutions to stop smoking, get off pain killers, lose some excess weight or get healthy, Paradise Valley Products CBD can help! Let’s take a look at some of the most common resolutions and how Paradise Valley Products CBD can assist you in reaching your goals!  

  • Stop smoking (not only for you but the ones around you). CBD is being used in multiple studies on smoking cessation and has shown a 40% success rate. CBD helps reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms as well as manage the smoking cues.
  • Reducing the need for addictive opioids. Many people begin an opioid addiction after experiencing surgery or to manage pain. According to the CDC in 2016 11,500,000 people misused opioids. Paradise Valley Products CBD can help manage the pain and reduce the cravings of opioids. It is not addictive, and you can’t overdose on CBD. We have several clients who have kicked the opioid habit with Paradise Valley CBD.
    • Get healthy. What better way to get healthy than with Paradise Valley Products CBD as a daily supplement. CBD has been shown to benefit bone health, digestive health, heart health and brain health. Great reasons to add CBD to your daily diet!

    • Stop drinkingOne of the most overlooked benefits of CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabis compound, is its ability to combat drug and alcohol addiction. In a recent study, researchers ran a series of tests to determine the “anti-relapse” potential of transdermal CBD. In the study, researchers administered transdermal CBD to animal subjects who had a history of self-administering cocaine or alcohol and exhibited characteristics of a relapsing addict such as dependency, anxiety, and impulsivity. 

    • After administering CBD once every 24 hours for just 
seven days, the researchers made a profound discovery. 

      Based on their test results, the researchers concluded that the brief 7-day period of CBD treatment not only prevented the development of previously displayed “addict-like” characteristics, it deterred the subject’s from relapsing for 
5 months — even though the CBD cleared from the brain and body after 3 days. 
  • Losing weight. Studies are showing promising results that CBD can help with weight reduction. CBD reduces cravings and triggers. It also helps with anxiety and depression, triggers to overeating.

Paradise Valley Products CBD is not a miracle, but can help you reach your 2019 goals and help you to feel better. If you have questions about how Paradise Valley Products CBD can help you, just give us a call – we love to chat!

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