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Which CBD Products are Right for Me?

22 Jan 2020

Paradise Valley Products products are hands down THE BEST CBD on the market. We offer 99.9% purity in each and every one of our products. We take pride in offering CBD products that are hand crafted in the USA. Paradise Valley Products CBD offers many different CBD products….even your pets can reap the benefits of Paradise Pets CBD. Paradise Valley Products CBD is made in the US from the finest USA sourced, non-GMO hemp; grown without use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer.

Our Paradise Valley CBD Products:

CBD Oil or CBD Tinctures: Paradise Valley CBD oils are easy to take and you can even use the drops directly on your skin! (We have customers who rub the CBD oil on their temples and back of their necks when they feel a migraine coming on). Paradise Valley CBD drops stand above the rest due to high-quality ingredients, effectiveness and ease of use. Simply place the desired amount under your tongue, wait 30 seconds and then swallow. THE KEY TO ANY CBD PRODUCT IS CONSISTENCY! 

  • Paradise Valley CBD 2000mg CBD Drops: A whopping 2000mg of Platinum Plus Paradise Valley CBD in a 30ml bottle. If your pain level is 8-10 Paradise Valley CBD 2000mg drops are an excellent source for intense pain relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain. These drops have a mild Peppermint flavor.
  • Paradise Valley CBD 1000mg Drops: Platinum Plus Paradise Valley CBD 1000mg CBD relieves a variety of ailments. Paradise Valley CBD 1000mg Drops can relieve pain levels 6-8 for arthritis, muscular and nerve pain, as well as intense anxiety, PTSD, focus issues, digestion issues. Platinum Plus Paradise Valley CBD 1000mg Drops are excellent daily supplement. These drops have a mild Peppermint flavor or Mango flavor 
  • Paradise Valley CBD 500mg Drops: Platinum Plus Paradise Valley CBD 500mg drops are our most trusted product for anxiety and sleep related issues. Paradise Valley Products CBD 500mg drops are an excellent way to relieve anxiety and ease away tension. These drops have a mild Peppermint flavor. 

Paradise Valley CBD Rapid Relief Pain Stick

If muscle stiffness and joint pain either from arthritis, overuse, exercise or age have you down, the Platinum Plus 2000mg Rapid Relief Pain Stick is the key to better mobility! Best used for localized pain relief, muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation and recovery aid for intense workouts. Paradise Valley Pain Sticks utilize the CBD that's infused in the product to be absorbed into the skin tissue, triggering a reaction in the sensory nerves just below the skin. Using natural pain relievers, this cream creates a safe, Icy Hot-like effect in a localized area.  Paradise Valley CBD is good for arthritis pain relief. Our CBD pain stick is easy to use – simply apply like a deodorant stick for rapid relief from pain and stiffness.

Paradise Valley CBD Gummy Bears 

Platinum Plus Paradise Valley GBD Gummy Bears are a very discreet, convenient and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. Each gummy has 10mg of CBD; many of our customers use them to help get a restful nights sleep, to ease anxiety or stay ahead of pain. 

Paradise Pets CBD Oil 

Platinum Plus Paradise Pets uses the same formulation as our human grade CBD oils. The only difference is the flavor profiles! Our pet CBD is good for dogs with arthritis, mobility issues or anxiety. Our CBD pets tinctures or CBD oil is easy to use and comes in bacon, peanut butter and chicken. Paradise Pets CBD can also be used for cats.

If you have questions about which Paradise Valley CBD product is right for you – call us! We love to talk and want YOUR CBD journey to be healthy and happy!

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