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Green & Blue Speckled Friendship Witch Spirit Ball Christmas Holiday Ornament Pacific CBD Oil
Green & Blue Speckled Friendship Witch Ball Christmas Holiday Ornament Memorial Gift
Green & Blue Speckled Friendship Witch Spirit Ball Christmas Holiday Ornament Gift Handblown

2 Sisters Limited Edition 4" Green & Blue Speckled Friendship Ball

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2 Sisters Limited Edition Confetti Collection 4” Hand Blown Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green Speckled Friendship Ball

Beautiful hand blown friendship ball from the Confetti Collection. Often referred to as spirit ball, fairy ball, tree of life ball or witch ball. 4" heavy glass with emerald green, cobalt blue and yellow confetti speckles - lovingly hand made in Arizona, each piece is a one of a kind creation.

The friendship ball you receive may differ slightly - but will be of the same color family. (There are reproductions made in China available from other sellers - these are originals! Support USA artists!)

Spirit Balls were very popular in the 18th century, but their actual origin is thought to be much earlier. For well over 300 years, hollow glass spheres have been hung in windows to ward off witch spells, evil spirits and ill fortune. There's sometimes rough hole near the top of the ball where presumably little hands reached into the ball to assemble the tree.

The modern 'witch ball' is an object of beauty, designed to delight the eye with its beautiful color and lyrical, organic forms. These are gorgeous hanging in a window, on a Christmas tree or displayed in a bowl!

The 2 Sisters, Hannah and Lily, create these beautiful treasures in their Arizona studio. Each piece is unique and magical!